Est. 2017

Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC

Due to the customization of each Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC report terms and conditions can vary on a case by case basis.

Pricing reflects Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC products. Additional expenses charged to Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC for retrieval of document(s) may be added to the final cost of the product.

Turn times subject to volume of an order; orders containing multiple properties can result in a longer turn time. Errors made upon placing an order can result in inaccuracies on the completed report. Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC is not liable for any inaccuracies resulting from errors in information provided to Kamaʻaina Title services, LLC upon order placement. Errors in information provided will result in suspension of the order until such errors are corrected.

Complexity of services may result in longer turn times. Due to the comprehensive nature of the services provided, Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC, reserves the right to require increased turn times in order to complete the services as accurately as possible. These changes will be addressed upon order placement for services.

Legal vesting shown on all products and reports is taken directly from the most current Deed provided. If the completed product or report does not include the Deed portion, vesting cannot be guaranteed, and may not be included on the final report.

All sales are final. Tax not included in pricing.

Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC is a Limited Liability Company.