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We store all reports in our exclusive cloud-based report management system so you can access them whenever and wherever.


KTS reports have a 48 hour turn-around time. Our expert analysts make it all possible.


We can process as many orders as you can throw at us. Speak with our consultants today about volume order processing.

Frequently asked questions

What's in my report?

Whatever you want! Your KTS report is fully customized so you only receive the information you want! View the KTS Menu for all your options. If you are unsure what you would like, contact any KTS Analyst for a consultation! Click here to preview a sample report.

Is there a cost for storing reports?

No! Once you purchase a report from KTS you can log in anywhere to see that report and all your documents.

Can I get my documents notarized through KTS?

Yes you can! If you are interested in a Full Closings Package, schedule an appointment with a KTS representative today!

How do I access orders if I'm an institution with multiple users?

Each volume account will be able to designate as many users as they choose to access reports and documents. The account owner will be able to choose what users have access to which documents right from their account homepage.