Detailed Breakdown of the Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. Property Report

Sample Property Report

Property Report Deconstruction

Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. will verify the Torrens Number with the Recorders Office ensuring accuracy of the report to current day and will indicate that verification on the report.

1. Report Information

  • Address

  • Vested Owners

  • Effective Date

    • The date the information contained within the report is verified through via the Bureau of Conveyances.

  • Torrens Verification

    • Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC exclusive: We call the Bureau of Conveyances in order to verify that there have been no new documents of any kind recorded from the effective date through the day we are completing the report to ensure the report is as accurate as possible.

2. Assessment Information

  • Parcel Identification Number

  • Torrens Certificate Number

    • Land court assigned number indicating all documents recorded under the current vested owners.

    • This number will change when property is conveyed to different owners.

  • Land Area

  • Assessed Values

    • Land Value.

    • Building Value.

    • Total Value.

3. Tax Information

  • Installment Information

    • Base Amount.

    • Payment Status.

    • Payable To.

      • Indicates to whom the property taxes are payable.

4. Deed Section

  • Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. will research your Chain of Title in order to verify current vesting, and if requested, will go back to research historical
    Chain of Title. This historical research will show previous owners of the property or help to identify any breaks in the chain.

5. Mortgage Section

  • The Mortgage piece includes any outstanding mortgages in chronological order to show which is in the Primary Lien position. Purchase money mortgage is listed on the report, and is found by your Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. analyst based on the recording date, and financial picture of the property. Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. will also include any miscellaneous documents associated to the outstanding mortgages. If requested, Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. will also call the lien holder or borrower in order to verify the current outstanding amount for each mortgage listed.

6. Legal Description

  • Extracted directly from the most current deed to ensure the most accurate report possible.

Additional Info

Report Details

Documents - Pages 2 & 3 of the sample report will be replaced with the documents corresponding to the purchased sections.

Assessment Information - Direct print outs of the assessors site information will be provided for reports including the Assessment piece.

Abstract - Kamaʻaina Title Services, LLC. Property Reports include analyst abstract information to show all researched document hits.

Sample Report Disclaimer - The above report is for sample purposes only. No research was conducted on any existing real property in order to ensure privacy. Due to the nature of the sample report, some sections were not included; these sections, if purchased, will be included in the final product.